The Bucket List

Disclaimer: This is an old post from a blog i used to run when I was 17, im just transferring all these grainy pictures and the text over here because its still one of my favorite articles ive ever done.


 I love hunting rare cars, Koenigsegg’s, Spykers, even some rare specimens that the common public has unheard of. But last week I received a text reading “Yo, you know VW hq just got hold of a veyron right?” and as soon as I could, I made the hour long trip to see the beauty.   Not even 10 minutes into the town, I pull up behind a Maserati Quattroporte at a red light, then a Porsche 911 zooms by afterwards. I’m thinking “Man, this is a nice area”.  I soon went behind an apartment complex, following my GPS,  where the VW headquarters were hidden behind their own private back road. I circled around the roundabout and pulled up to a very exquisite, glass black building. Before I parked I noticed an Audi LeMans race car, then what looked like a lounge/art showroom, then a hint of bright red hidden behind it all. I parked, got my camera equipment out and approached the front door. The entire parking lot was empty except for my lonely mustang. I got closer and closer and the red veyron randomly popped out.. just sitting in front of the main lobby. Right next to the front door. My jaw dropped. A fucking veyron“Its real. Holy shit.” I whispered to myself as I was unloading my gear. I fangirled so hard and just stared at the thing for several moments before I actually took pictures.ImageI was so anxious to see it, that it didn’t occur to me that I should’ve probably checked the hours of the building before I made the trip… when I arrived there, the empty parking lot hinted to me that the building was closed, but I was unsure until I tugged on the door handle to find that the building was locked… I was so blown, but at the same time still excited that a $1.6 million dollar veyron was within 10 feet of me. I mean, how often does an 17 year old like me, get to see the absolute highest ranked production car in the world? Most car enthusiasts could go their whole lives without seeing one of these.. I felt like ash ketchum when he saw his first  legendary pokemon.    Anyways, The angle that they have this car shows the ass well enough for one to think “Damn, this is a wide car”. I guess the rear end has to be that wide, in order to fit 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers, while still squeezing in the 365/710 ZR 540A tires (the largest tires ever produced for a passenger vehicle, we’ll talk more about the tires later)Image

 When I moved to the side profile of the car, the first thing that came to my mind instantly was “Its smaller than i thought”.  I imagined it being as big and wide as an Aventador, but its quite smaller than that. Its actually the size of a Corvette, using that as a random comparison off the top of my head. Its small enough for it to sneak away and hide behind an SUV in traffic

As I was taking these pictures, trying to get the best shots I could while working with a window that decides to reflect everything imaginable back into my lense… I notice movement beyond the car…. it was a person! I saw a head move around behind a desk, so I knocked on the glass to see who was back there after hours.. It was a security guard. He stood up and looked at me, I pointed to my camera, then pointed to the car, he shook his head yes. Then I pointed to the door, asking if I could come inside. I was expecting him to shake his head no, but surprisingly he walked over and opened the door for me and I verbally asked permission to take pictures of it, and he allowed me!ImageLet me make this clear, this car was absolutely 100 times more stunning when it wasn’t behind a wall of glass. As soon as I walked in, the presence and attention that this car COMMANDS just hit me like a brick wall. My heart started beating faster as I started thinking “This is what kids dream of before they go to bed at night.” President Obama doesn’t even make enough money to own and maintain one of these. $1.6 million dollar equates to about a $350,000 instant down payment, but if you lease it the monthly payments would be around $24,000. If you order a special edition, It’s cost you $40,000 just to even get the vehicle shipped into the country stateside, $2500 is the average monthly insurance, and when gas prices are DOWN, the gas tank fillup will be at the very least, $140. These prices might be high, but anyone that’s even interested in purchasing a $2,000,000 vehicle probably doesn’t even have any problem with money anyways. Enough about that though, the subject of having millions of dollars is making me depressed.Image

 Some may argue that this car is “ugly”, but this car wasn’t built to be pretty. If you want a pretty car, go buy a Lamborghini or Audi. (ironically enough, Lamborghini/Audi/VW/Bugatti/Porsche are all owned by the same company). This car was only engineered for  two things: Speed, and exclusivity. And Bugatti did a damn good job of achieving those two. I could venture DEEP in detail about how they achieved those, but that would take a long time. There’s days worth of documentary of how this car was engineered/built on YouTube. Its truly an amazing vehicle. There’s a reason why it goes 260mph and costs as much as it does,but like I said there way too much for me to even scratch the surface on the technicality of this car, so for now I’m just going to entertain you with the way it looks.Image

 I’m not sure when Bugatti redesigned the headlamps, but I like these way better than the previous design. It uses updated L.E.D. technology, without being over the top with it. I think its very sleek and compliments the rest of the vehicles design.


 Those that claim this car is ugly, I’ll admit, I think if kind of is too. The body lines are awkward and weird,it combines circular design cues with square/boxxy cues and it doesn’t really flow that well on the front end… But its kind of a “good” ugly.

 ImageThink of it like this: If cars were ranks of hierarchy, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s would be like princes and princesses. They’re extremely attractive and are definitely “up there” in the ranks… But then there’s the king. Looks somewhat aged, not always THAT attractive. But it still wears a crown, and it makes sure that everyone and everything KNOWS that it wears a crown wherever it goes. It still commands attention like king, has all the power it needs and more and is VERY exclusive. You’ll see 100 Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s before you see one of these just roaming around freely.

 ImageThe things I would do and the places I would go if i had just a WEEK with this car.. What would you do and where would you go?


 Windows were up and the security system was on so I didn’t even bother trying to open the door, this is the best interior shot that I could get. I’m sure that if I questioned the security guard about it, he might have clarified whether I could get inside or not, or even if he could unlock it for me. But he was on his computer behind his desk and was already lenient enough to allow me into the building at all so I did not want to bother him further.


 There is too much technical background and information on this car for me to explain right now, but just to give a hint on what there is ill briefly explain about the tires:

This car broke world speed records for a production vehicle, but Michelin tires had to engineer and invent a new tire to handle such speed. Before this car, there was never a need or demand for the tires of a road legal car to have a 260mph speed rating . Bugatti states that a tire replacement is necessary every 10,000 miles, and a set of these tires mounted would cost you about $50,000. Thats right, why buy a brand new Corvette, when you get a set of tires instead! Oh, and every 4th tire change, you have to purchase new wheels to be mounted on. Which costs about $11,000 per wheel, and can only be done at the factory in France using Bugatti’s own machine. Image


I appreciate the fact that this car is ridiculously rare and essentially unobtainable.. it gives inspiration for some of us car enthusiasts. Anyone recall in the 1990′s when almost every kid had a poster of a Ferrari F40 or Lamborghini Countach on their walls? The Veyron is that dream car, for the current generation. Not everyone likes this car, but if you know at least the basics and fundamentals of whats behind this car, then you’ll realize that its an insanely advanced vehicle for this time.Image

I can officially cross “See a Bugatti Veyron” Off of my bucket list.

The only thing left is to drive one (:

That or a Koenigsegg CCX/Pagani Zonda.. but I’m sure that my time for those will come.






Thank you for reading! Please share and stay tuned for more articles 🙂

Sources: and various magazine articles that i dont even remember the names of. 




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