Loverly Lauren

As a kid growing up, like most other car enthusiasts I was exposed to countless car related magazines, movies, TV shows, and calenders that  always had a habit of showing off a bikini model alongside almost every car.  At first I was confused at  what half naked girls had in common with cars that made it so they always had to be photographed together. Such as why a photo-shoot of a 1200-horsepower Toyota Supra had a random, nameless girl in a swim suit that was blocking the view and distracting my attention away from the car. But at that age It didn’t bother me much and as a typical young male I didn’t question it  and instead I completely welcomed it. It wasn’t until last weekend, when I had my first ever opportunity to shoot a human with a car, did those buried questions start to clear up. It was my first time shooting somebody in this form and I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I think I came across the answer to a question that  I had stopped looking for.


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