Loverly Lauren

As a kid growing up, like most other car enthusiasts I was exposed to countless car related magazines, movies, TV shows, and calenders that  always had a habit of showing off a bikini model alongside almost every car.  At first I was confused at  what half naked girls had in common with cars that made it so they always had to be photographed together. Such as why a photo-shoot of a 1200-horsepower Toyota Supra had a random, nameless girl in a swim suit that was blocking the view and distracting my attention away from the car. But at that age It didn’t bother me much and as a typical young male I didn’t question it  and instead I completely welcomed it. It wasn’t until last weekend, when I had my first ever opportunity to shoot a human with a car, did those buried questions start to clear up. It was my first time shooting somebody in this form and I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I think I came across the answer to a question that  I had stopped looking for.


A friend of mine, Lauren, contacted me and  a fellow photographer that I know and asked us to feature her in a photo-shoot with her modeling on cars.  Myself being one that’s always down for trying something new, I told her we could make it happen. After my friend Vato organized it by sending a few texts, group messages and car washes, we got it set up. We met up at a performance shop in Northern Virginia called “Green Motorsport”.  The owner, David, allowed to use the entire shop, cars, lobby or any asset we could find to take pictures with. Despite it being everyone’s first time doing something like this, it was a really relaxed environment and we all had a fun time experimenting with what was there. Some friends even let us use their cars also as a part of this experience.


It wasn’t until I started seeing Lauren through my camera lens as she was positioning herself on a few of the vehicles, did the question I had earlier of what women and cars had in common start to develop a few answers..


Women and Cars are both unique; each one in their own way. No two different ones are exactly the same, yet they all have something special about them. Women (or anyone for that matter) all have different dreams, aspirations, goals, thoughts processes, motivation,  problems, disorders, talents, features, abilities, everything about them is different from one another.

Not to compare human life to a machine, but cars can be terribly similar.. Cars are all built for different goals with the engineers and developers having different purposes in mind for each car.  Some have different features and abilities, they can also have various different maintenance problems, common failures and recalls.  The fact that both women and cars are all unique in their own way and have their own attributes was one thing that stood out to me during this experience. There were some things Lauren did that another woman might not be able to pull off well, and I’m sure there’s probably something another woman can do that Lauren might have not been able to pull off well either. I’m not saying one is better than the other by any means, just that everyone and everything is different and they all have their own unique set of attributes and talents.



Another thing that made itself apparent while I was focusing on Lauren was that women and cars are both beautiful. Very beautiful. Everything about them. The body lines, the curves, the sleekness. I don’t want to objectify women, but when someone see’s a picture of a female modeling with a car (or modeling at all for that matter) one of the first thing that’s noticed is the way she looks.  The same thing can enter a car enthusiast’s mind the first time they lay eyes upon a sports car, because the body of the car is usually the first thing they get a glance at. Whether parked/standing still,  these cars flying down the highway or Lauren jogging down the street.. sometimes one might just break their neck and try to get another glimpse of the beauty they witnessed  passing by and think “wow what was that I just saw?”. The fact that both cars and women can be mind blowingly stunning makes for an awesome pair.. Perhaps that could be another reason why girls are so commonly shown off alongside cars.


I’m satisfied with what this new experience as a photographer has taught me. But putting looks and visuals aside, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s a deeper reason than what I was exposed to during my time with Lauren.. A deeper explanation behind this.


To all the men that are reading this: Why do we crave a women in our lives until we buy a ring for and spend the rest of our life with?


Why do we as car enthusiasts, spend thousands upon thousands of dollars into our cars? And buy and sell cars over and over again until we find and/or build the perfect one for ourselves?


I wont conclude this with a definite answer, as I’m not even 100% sure if there is one.


As a reader, I want you to seek an answer to that question.


Whats the first thing you notice about a woman? What about them puts a smile on your face?


What puts a smile on your face when it comes to cars?


Take those answers from both, and compare them!


Are there any similarities? Probably not, but it’s something interesting to think about.


I really, really would like to thank Lauren. She’s a very beautiful person, inside and out. I wouldn’t have learned anything or had this experience if it wasn’t for her. Thank you for allowing me to capture your beauty and presence through my very own camera lense!


I would also like to thank Green Motorsport for allowing us to use his facility and cars for this!


Thank you for reading 🙂



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