Spring Comes In Style

Winter can be a slow and calm season for car enthusiasts due to several reasons.The salt used to aid in ice/snow melting can cause rust, potholes form more during colder months than any other season, and the majority of car events occur outdoors where standing in 17 degree weather isn’t always exactly pleasurable. These conditions that last for months leave special, rare and performance cars stuck in a winter hibernation locked in a garage all winter long while most people use that time to focus on other priorities. But when spring’s weather finally creeps up and it stays warm consistently, car enthusiasm and events burst and the automotive scene starts to flourish again.


On saturday April 18th, the weather was predicted to be beautiful. Just in Northern Virginia alone there were 12 advertised car shows and meets all day long. I decided to get up at 5:30AM and drive with a friend to my first stop: Katies Cars & Coffee. The event was so packed that we got there on time (7:00AM)… and still had to park around back in the overflow. Upon walking to the front main lot, I spotted this. At first glance I knew instantly that it was a kit car, but not 100% sure exactly what it is a replica of. My guess was Ferrari P4. Who knows for sure?






Even though they’ve been out and around for a few years now, this is actually the first all black Aventador that I’ve seen in person. Certainly much, much more menacing and aggressive in the flesh. They are also wider in person than they look on camera. I need to arrange a private photoshoot with one so I can spend more time trying to capture and appreciate the artwork that these cars really are.



A friend of mine actually recently picked up this Lamborghini Gallardo. Manual transmission, a beautiful color, and loaded with aftermarket goodies that make this probably one of the best equipped Gallardo’s that I’ve come across.


Including a set of twin turbos. Private feature of this car might be coming soon 🙂


I was more than surprised to see this Bentley Continental GT3R. Only 99 of these are coming to the USA. Only 300 total will be produced worldwide. All 300 have already been sold. I wish I was able to take more photos, this thing is remarkable. Hand built in England; the details are just beautiful.


Every car enthusiast knows one thing about cars: You never stop learning about them. Whether new or old, every now and then, one will come across a car that makes them ask “So… What is it?”. I had to ask that when I saw this. Learning is beautiful though, which is why some of us prefer Cars & Coffee events over night time meets. As you can see, rarer and more interesting cars tend to show up at the crack of dawn.



Gulf Racing livery on a GT40 will always be legendary in my opinion. How much racing heritage can you stuff into one car?



Matt’s M6 is very, very tastefully modified. The perfect luxury daily driver, yet still has more than enough sportiness to it.



I overheard a funny thing about this car, a few people were debating the correct pronunciation of Lamborghini Huracan. “Her-uh-kahn” and “her-uh-can” was said by one individual. “Her-ah-kun” was another. Then a 3rd person said the correct way the Italians pronounce it is “Oo-uh-kuhn”. Who is correct?






After Katies Cars & Coffee, Lamborghini of Washington had their monthly DC exotics event right after. Showcasing their customers’ cars in front of the dealership.


This Gallardo is a 50th anniversary version. It’s equipped with a manual transmission and rear wheel drive versus the standard all wheel drive. To my knowledge, this might be one of the last rear wheel drive manual italian Exotic cars to come out.





This Huracan is being built by IAP Racing, it was featured at SEMA last year and is still undergoing changes to make it unique.



Silver wheels look so good on bright color’d Lamborghini’s. What do you prefer, silver or black wheels?


This color is called “Verde Singh”. It is the only one in the world this color. Rumor trickled to me that it is named after Kris Singh (Who owns 1 of 5 Lamborghini Veneno’s) and is well known among the higherups at Lamborghini in Italy. He ordered one and of course they painted it *his* color then he changed his mind about wanting it. It was on display for sale at Lamborghini Washington during the last event and it sold shortly after. There are a few colors that look similar to this (Verde Scandal and Verde Ithaca) but side by side you can tell the difference between them.



This car is a Noble M12. A rare British sports car that uses a twin turbo Ford V6. Definitely not too many of these driving around!


A local Favorite, Ferrari F40 with an LM conversion. The F40 is one of the most legendary Ferrari’s to have been produced. It is also the last car than Enzo Ferrari approved before he passed away.






I haven’t seen many Murcielagos around since the Aventador came out. Murcielagos still have a big presence on the road. Seeing and hearing one of these casually driving around commands attention.




After Lamborghini of Washington hosted their event, IAP Racing hosted a cookout afterwards. Some of us migrated over there to enjoy the day and finally get some food in our stomachs during lunchtime.





This custom matte highlighter wrap job done by IAP looks awesome. Its difficult to truly capture it on camera, though. These photos were taken in a low light shop setting. Imagine how bright it is in the sunlight!






Now that the weather is consistently warm, I can’t wait for whats to come the rest of this year! Excited to bring more event coverage and features.

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