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Spring Comes In Style

Winter can be a slow and calm season for car enthusiasts due to several reasons.The salt used to aid in ice/snow melting can cause rust, potholes form more during colder months than any other season, and the majority of car events occur outdoors where standing in 17 degree weather isn’t always exactly pleasurable. These conditions that last for months leave special, rare and performance cars stuck in a winter hibernation locked in a garage all winter long while most people use that time to focus on other priorities. But when spring’s weather finally creeps up and it stays warm consistently, car enthusiasm and events burst and the automotive scene starts to flourish again.


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A Winter Morning for A Car Enthusiast

“Cars and Coffee” is a gathering for car enthusiasts all over the country, every Saturday morning. Some of the most interesting, exotic, rare, and fastest sports, classic, and exotic cars are known to show up to these gatherings. Once a month, Lamborgini of washingon in collaboration with DC exotics hosts their own, all year round. This cold, winter morning on January 17th was the 3rd one so far. IMG_1611 Continue reading A Winter Morning for A Car Enthusiast

A Car Show’s Twist

I love being a car enthusiast, almost every single thing about it. I breathe exhaust gases, sweat 5W20 oil, and gasoline pulsates through my veins. I wouldn’t be typing this right now if I had anything but love for this passion and lifestyle.  But unfortunately, every car enthusiasts realize one thing and agrees that there is one major downfall of being a car enthusiast: It can be a really expensive hobby. I can’t think of any other hobby to be involved in right now that would be more demanding on your wallet other than Boating and Aviation. Probably every car enthusiast on Earth could gladly use another couple hundred dollars or so for automotive related parts or services, at any given time, in any form. A friendly northern Virginia car club, Nu Concepts, pondered that dilemma came up with a fun, active way to solve that situation for two lucky car show attendants.Image

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