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Tangerine Dream

It is a scientifically researched and proven fact that the simple concept of color can stimulate moods, emotions and feelings. The human body reacts on multiple levels in response to colors, especially to some that might have a close relationship with a particular color. For example: Looking at the color red might speed up ones heart rate, it is a stimulating color that can effect the body psychically, and is often a passionate color. This traces back to primitive times of fire, danger, and alarm all being represented by the color red. Looking at the color yellow can focus ones mind, and is often a cheerful color. Because of the sun, yellow is the most visible color and also the most attention getting. Reason why most traffic signs, safety vests, and highlighters are all some form of a yellow shade, it captures and focuses your attention. Combine both sets of those attributes into one reaction and you’ll find yourself looking at  the perfect color. Orange.Image Continue reading Tangerine Dream

The Bucket List

Disclaimer: This is an old post from a blog i used to run when I was 17, im just transferring all these grainy pictures and the text over here because its still one of my favorite articles ive ever done.


 I love hunting rare cars, Koenigsegg’s, Spykers, even some rare specimens that the common public has unheard of. But last week I received a text reading “Yo, you know VW hq just got hold of a veyron right?” and as soon as I could, I made the hour long trip to see the beauty.   Continue reading The Bucket List