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A Car Show’s Twist

I love being a car enthusiast, almost every single thing about it. I breathe exhaust gases, sweat 5W20 oil, and gasoline pulsates through my veins. I wouldn’t be typing this right now if I had anything but love for this passion and lifestyle.  But unfortunately, every car enthusiasts realize one thing and agrees that there is one major downfall of being a car enthusiast: It can be a really expensive hobby. I can’t think of any other hobby to be involved in right now that would be more demanding on your wallet other than Boating and Aviation. Probably every car enthusiast on Earth could gladly use another couple hundred dollars or so for automotive related parts or services, at any given time, in any form. A friendly northern Virginia car club, Nu Concepts, pondered that dilemma came up with a fun, active way to solve that situation for two lucky car show attendants.Image

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Gallery: A Golden Sunrise

Full article and write up coming soon! Entertaining you until then here is a full gallery of photos from day 2 of the Gold Rush Rally in Washington, DC. The morning after they arrived and spent the night enjoying on the clubs, they met at The Capital Building early at sunrise  to depart to their next destination; the finish line in New York City.


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